Strongly Recommended Initial Style on First Date!

This dress and its style denotes not only careful display, but more importantly both character and elegance of ones own personality in the wearer. Simplicity with a dash of sensuality goes along way in assisting one to find one own partner in life – if that’s the case in why she is dating.  None the less, with someone like the model  depicted on ones arm, and the image it fully denotes is a couple who are willing to enjoy the evening out and have others around them note who they are.

Monique Lhuillier Fall 2015 collection

Por Bonita Na Foto Bonita – São Paulo – Brasil


São Paulo – Brasil

Naeem Khan RTW Spring/Summer 2015.

Por Bonita Na Foto Bonita
São Paulo – Brasil


Day Time Casual Dating Recommendation:

Quilted and Gilded… This Fall – the streets are lined with strong colors and accessories for our guys. Here’s a few choice favs. You’re So Nista!

It’s time to update fall wear for our Nista Guys updating their fashion forward wardrobes. This fall is oh so ready for you… Our favorite must have trends on the runway range from classic black and white, to orange and greens – all prominent…

Dating Wear: Fashions and Trendsetters for Romance

The First Date - should it be one with glamour?

The First Date - should it be one with glamour?

This has been the leading question of late.  None – the – less, as per advice, it should be everything you would want.  Deciding that from a male perspective is confronted with more questions than its did about 40 years ago.  Moreover, from the female perspective there has been a fundemental drop in overall expectation in presenting the image of glamour as it has switched to more what are the ends in why he is asking me out – thus male intent is stronger than it once was.

It is this blog effort which make the commitment in saying all this is fine and at the sametime not so fine either.  None – the – less, the first date should be memorable.  This means, and get this men, we as men should control our expectations more, and switch priorities in how we present ourselves, and concentrated on improving our ability in being or learning to be gentle to lovely girl who is on our arm.

Girls this means getting into style, as style reflects real expectations. Go for all the glamour you can.

One of the most fulfilling experience, guys really pick this up, is to find what are the real gentle sensual experience which she has by asking her first and foremost.

Well thats it for now.  Two messages:  One. Guys restraint and substitute it with a learning process.  Two. Gals go for the style-glamour.

I wish all of you to find the one love in your lives in the future expectations for a happier life.

Mr. Roger M. Christian, Ithaca, New York.

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